Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

I’m kinda embarrassed to even pass this up as a recipe.  It really isn’t, but I discovered this trick this past week and it’s now a game changer for me.  I love me a big ol’ basket of chips and salsa.  The problem is, only one of those components is guilt free.   Before I know it, I’m staring down at grease remments and crumbs.   I can feel all happy about myself by getting some veggies in, but man, those chips can kill me.

I have bought the baked variety of tortilla chips and they are fine and all, but homemade chips are so much better.  They are sturdier and you can season them up before they hit the air fryer.

I used the extra thin Mission Corn Tortillas.  I follow the Weight Watcher point system most days (except when I’m inhaling a real bowl of chips and salsa) and these are a super bargain.  You get 18-24 chips, depending on how you cut them for 4 points.


You do need a little cooking spray on the tortillas, so I stack 3 together and cut into triangles.  By spraying each one before I stack, it coats the tortilla on both sides. I sprinkle with a little sea salt.


Arrange them in a single layer as best as you can in a preheated air fryer.  A little overlap will happen.  Set your temperature to 330 and 6 minutes.  At 3 minutes flip them and continue cooking.  You may hear a little rattling in your air fryer cause they are light and fly around, but it doesn’t do any harm.  In fact the triangles can start to fold over themselves and add some character to your chips.


So, once I discovered how good these were, I worked through the whole bag of took a little while, but I worked the production line and kept myself busy watching Jeopardy and before I knew it I had a couple hundred of them.


Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

  • 3 extra thin corn tortillas (I use Mission brand extra thin corn tortillas)
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • Salt, to taste

Stack 3 tortillas and lightly spray canola cooking spray in between each one. Cut each tortilla into 6- 8 triangles.  Sprinkle with salt or seasoning of your choice to taste.

Place triangles into the preheated air fryer – spread the out as much as possible so the layers aren’t directly on top of each other.

Cook at 330F, for 3 minutes and then open the air fryer and flip them on the other side.  (Watch closely at the end because they will get brown very fast. Serve them up with your favorite salsa, like my mango salsa which was my very first blog post over a year ago!